History of NF


The history, mission and vision statement behind National Deaf Culture Fellowship.

A burning vision for indigenous Deaf leadership in Deaf A/G churches was first ignited in a the heart of a team of Deaf and Hearing ministers (James Banks, Emory Dively, Hedy Miller, JoAnn Smith, and Carol Vetter). Rev. Emory K. Dively, currently recognized as the Founder and Former President of the National Deaf Culture Fellowship (NF), lead the way during the mid 1980’s. Inspired by the Lord, he spent countless hours typing the proposed Articles of National Deaf Culture Fellowship. The proposal received mixed responses from the Deaf field of skepticism, criticisms, as well as eagerness and hope. The annual National Deaf Gathering was established 1989 in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a result of the seeds of the vision that had been sown patiently over the several years.

In 1992, National Deaf Culture Fellowship was officially recognized by the Office of Ethnic Relations in Springfield, Missouri as a Language Fellowship. Reverend Anthony Callies served as its first President. The Fellowship first established its membership and Executive Officers, following by the addition of four Regional Representatives a few years later. Those early years were “trail blazing” experiences for everyone involved in the NF leadership. As a result, NF is now formed and shaped into a functioning organization, with a renewed commitment to its Mission Statement. NF is now approaching its 25th anniversary in 2017.


Mission Statement

To empower Pentecostal Deaf believers to fulfill their purpose in serving Jesus Christ and the Deaf Community both home and abroad.


Vision Statement

With the help of the Holy Spirit, NF commits itself to the promotion of the following within the Deaf community; while embracing Deaf values: Worship of God, Evangelism, Discipleship, Compassion, and Establish Churches.