Coming Soon


Coming Soon

New sermon will be posted soon and please stay tuned for upcoming posts.

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. Joyce LaHaye says:

    Hi This is Joyce LaHaye (Former maiden last name is Hawley) I am former member Assembly of God for Deaf in Pontiac and I wonder if I still can get info for events as I’ve always been been going to Deaf convention for years but now I go to different church! Please let me know if okay that I can join Thank you!

    1. NF Webmaster says:

      Hello Joyce, you are welcome to subscribe to our mailing list to receive our general announcements. Also, you can join NF as a non-AG member for a fee and attend our future conventions. We welcome anyone interested in joining NF as a AG or non-AG member. Read our Membership information or contact us if you have any more questions. Thanks for visiting our web site and blessings!

  2. Jody Lage Sharp says:

    Are videos available of services from Deaf Convention?

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