NF Membership

Why Join NF?

Partner with us financially–our members and donors are vital partners in our mission to make NF a dynamic organization to encourage and support Deaf churches’ active involvement as they pursue their core mission of evangelism, discipleship, and Kingdom service. Thus, we would encourage each local Deaf church to give more than their regular NF church membership dues annually. This would enable NF to expand its ministry across USA. Your donation and support mean a lot to NF.

If you are new to NF and wish to join as a member, please visit the link at:

NF Membership Dues

In adherence to the General Council operational standards related to membership card issuance, we, the Executive Committee, felt that NF would need to have the same procedure. Beginning this year, we will be issuing 2019 membership cards to all credentialed ministers who paid their membership due on or before 12/31/19. Likewise, AG-affiliated churches who paid their dues will receive their church certificate acknowledging their partnership within NF.

Please click this payment link to begin paying your new credential due. You will be directed to members portal page and then make a payment.

If you would like to use a standard mailing of your membership due then please either choose Individual Membership Form or Church Membership Form and fill-out the copy and mail with your check or money order payable to NF and mail it to 1640 Broadway St, Vallejo, CA 94590. For any question, please contact, Olivia Bibb at 707-515-6664 (VP) or by email, THANK YOU!